What is ClicChat?

Welcome to ClicChat... a better way to connect.

ClicChat is turning online dating on its head. With ClicChat, you ‘clic’ first, then chat later.

Unlike other dating apps, ClicChat provides members with cards that link to their secure online profile. Only people who receive your ClicChat card can access your online profile.

You are in complete control - oh and by the way, it's free!

Sounds Great, I'm In!

ClicChat is a great way of starting a conversation with guys when I'm out. I'm confident enough to introduce myself, and this way the card shows I'm interested but then puts the ball back in their court.

Claire, 45
St Kilda East

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I have tried a couple of dating sites and have had a few dates - but the guys I made dates with rarely looked like their photos... With ClicChat I can give someone the opportunity to get to know me better, after we have both seen each other in person.

I have given out a couple of cards. Currently chatting with someone I noticed at my local cafe. Very excited!

Libby, 35

Buy your own ClicCards, start your own chat's

It's free to join ClicChat, there are no monthly subscription fees, and you can chat with as many people as you like at no charge.

You can purchase ClicCards which contain unique codes linked to your account and allow you to initiate a connection. These are printed especially for you and are delivered to your door within a few days.

Grab a Starter 5 Card Bundle when you sign up, then you'll be able to hand over your ClicCard when you feel the spark!

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ClicChat is perfect for me! I catch public transport to work and home each day and it’s not uncommon to be attracted to people on the tram or train. Of course it’s hard to open up a conversation at first so having ClicCards has made it easier for me to go forward and open up a dialog. I actually have a date this coming weekend!

Mish, 48

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