Inspiration for an Ideal First Date

The thrill and excitement of meeting someone new can make you feel totally alive, but when it comes to planning a first date, that’s when anxiety can hit. Creating a good first impression while also keeping it light and casual is something that adds a bit of pressure, so planning a fun date is the first step to a great date.

To give you some inspiration, check out these 8 tips and ideas for a fun first date.

Take a Long Walk on the Beach

Cheesy as it may sound, taking a stroll on the beach is a great way to keep the date casual while taking in the sun and surf. Beach locations are always relaxed and often have shops and cafés that you can check out along the way.

Meet up for Brunch

Delicious food and casual conversation are a great way to get to know someone without feeling pressure to be “on”. Brunch gives you a chance to see someone in a relaxed setting where conversation tends to flow better than a dinner date at night.

Learn Something New at the Museum

Taking in artifacts from all over the world lets you enjoy the sights and gives you plenty to talk about in a natural way. Test out any interactive exhibits for a little light-hearted fun too.

Be a Tourist at Home

People often miss out on a lot of fun places in their own city. Take your date on a day out where you both look at the city through the eyes of a tourist. You’ll be surprised with what you can discover.

Bring Out Your Inner Picasso at a Paint and Sip

Paint and sip events are found all over, and they are popular because they are fun. You can loosen up with a drink and get those creative juices flowing with a painting you can gift as a fun first date memory.

Check Out a Live Comedy Show

Live comedy is a great way to break the ice without feeling the pressure to think of exciting conversation. Have a drink and laugh the night away with a show that will make the date totally memorable.

Take in a Live Music Show

Just like comedy, a live music show is a fun way to have a relaxed first date. Check out local listings for shows or festivals and find out how your music tastes compare.

Spend the Day at the Zoo

Feel like a kid again and take your date out to the zoo. It gives you a chance to check out cute animals, learn something new and offer a chance for casual conversation without needing to talk the whole time.

No matter what you choose to do on your first date, just remember to keep things light and to be yourself. Chances are, they will be feeling as nervous as you, so take it all in one step at a time without adding pressure to make it the most amazing date in the world.