Improving Security and Privacy

You can never be too responsible when potential predatory or disrespectful behaviour of others come into play. Such situations can be unsettling and extremely worrisome. These situations can also be mitigated or reduced. There are things you can do, measures to be taken to protect yourself when you’re interacting with new people. Below, you will find some useful safety tips.

Avoid sharing too many personal details.

How will you use any of these online dating sites without sharing your personal data? Well, you can. Not all of these sites require much for you to successfully open a profile. Then for the sites that do, make sure control of what is visible to the public via your profile is under your control. It is with your personal information that any sketchy fellow can track you down and give you grief. Be cautious when sharing access to your profile. ClicChat gives you autonomous control on who has access to your profile, it’s also a great alternative to giving your phone number to a stranger.

Use the dating app or the site's messaging function

Though this may seem more of a hassle, it’s definitely safer using the dating site's messaging feature. This will help add another wall of security provided by the dating site between you and the stranger you wish to communicate with. Also, you should avoid sites that allow just anyone to message you. This speaks lowly of their security protocols.

Know who you're meeting up

Sadly, it is a common phenomenon in the online dating world where you chat someone up and go down that line of interest, only to finally meet up and they aren't that great in person or they aren't anything like their profile picture. It happens and can leave you feeling conned so to avoid this, try doing your homework. Unlike ClicChat where you ALREADY meet the person (an attractive stranger you meet on the bus to work every day) and see what you're up for before chatting under the secure ClicChat servers, you have to do a thorough look through on other dating site.

  • Let someone know

Heading out on a first date? Always ensure that someone knows where you are and who you’re meeting. If you would rather not tell those closest to you, there are several apps that automatically contact your nominated person if you don’t ‘mark yourself as safe’ on the app within a set time period.

Unsure? Leave it

Sometimes our instinct could see something we aren't seeing. Sometimes it could just be jitters. You can offset that by planning a public meeting or a double date where you bring a friend along. That way you're still with people or in situations you trust. But often enough, it is more. Whenever you're making plans with someone you want to meet for the first time, if you've got a funny feeling about it, my advice is to just leave it. Better safe than sorry.

In the end, when approaching any meet up or signing up for a dating site, your safety should take front and centre in your decisions. One can never be too careful. Sometimes bad dates are inevitable, but safe dates should be every time.