Great Places to Meet Someone Offline

Last time we spoke, we talked about your privacy and security. This time, we are going to talk about meeting people to date offline. If you are single and ready to mingle, meeting new people can be a little daunting. Especially in today’s society where everything moves at a fast pace. We tend to fall into patterns to help us through the day. And so, you can see how it would be a little hard meeting new people. Well fret not! We are here to give you a few pointers for where to meet someone offline.

  • Local events & meet ups

Oddly enough, there are some local events and meet ups organised specifically for singles. It may be a block party, mixology, game-fest or even hiking! These meet ups are a great way to meet potential dates. Plus, you get a preview of what you’re getting into. Worried about sharing your private contact details? Try using ClicChat’s contact cards. They are a great way to keep the conversation going online while keeping safe.

  • Supermarket or Cafe

Think about how many people you cross paths with as you go about your daily life. There are opportunities everywhere to meet the person of your dreams. Keep an open mind and take a look around. It might be the man picking up a loaf of bread or the woman enjoying a coffee and a book. The beauty of love is that it can happen anywhere and anytime; you just need to be ready to embrace it.

  • Public Transport

Ah, public transport. I’m sure we all have a few stories of some bright and wonderful people we’ve encountered on the commute to work or the trip interstate. It’s common to keep your earphones in and your head down but what if you took a look around? If a catch like you is there, couldn’t that mean another is there too? At the very least, striking up a conversation may make the journey seem quicker.

  • Clubs & bars

Yes yes, a bar or a club. It may seem cliché but it is only cliché because it works. Try going out with single friends if you need encouragement or a confidence builder. If in the end you meet no one new, at least you had a fun night! Don’t think about it too much though, just let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You never know who you might meet on the dancefloor.

  • Classes: Work out, Yoga / Cooking

Yup, classes. Remember that vibe you had back in high school or even college, where there was one person you wanted to talk to or you wish you spoke with. Well, now you can. It could be yoga classes, work out classes or even a cooking class. It is a great place to get to meet and maybe even get to know someone. Plus, you both already share an interest.

Stay open and remember to look around! If you’re feeling shy, you always have your ClicChat cards to take the conversation online with the safety of keeping your personal details private.