Modern Dating in a Digital World

Our modern world has us processing information at lightspeed, which is even true for finding a fun date. Anyone who has been single knows how tough traditional dating can be, and that’s why millions of people try to make a connection online via dating websites and mobile apps.

Although both look like they are pretty much the same thing, there is often a personal favourite for users who want to find love connections online.

Perfect for All Personalities

Not everyone is eager to put themselves out there to make a connection with someone they fancy. Some people find it hard to approach a stranger for a simple chat, let alone ask them out for a date. The fear of rejection in public is all too real.

Starting a conversation with someone online offers a slow casual approach with a lot less pressure to be “on”. The same goes with choosing someone you find interesting, without the worry of hurting their feelings. There are plenty of people out there with so much to offer, that the odd unanswered message is nothing to fret about.

Convenient Connections

Dating can be tough for busy people who find it very hard to meet other singles outside their circle of friends. Dating websites and mobile apps offer a chance to setup a personal profile and find other singles with similar interests within the same city.

Checking out singles online only needs a moment of time, with an instant selection of people based on location or preferences at the click of a button. Not only is it fun to check out what’s out there, but there is also less time needed to find really cool people that you could have a great connection with.

Get What You Want

Popular dating apps give you options to put up some information about the ideal date, but the interface is designed to be simple and much more visual, with profile photos taking centre stage. A simple swipe to the left or right gives users an instant filtering option based mainly on great profile photos.

In contrast, dating sites generally have more options to drill down preferences to find exactly what you are looking for. You can also build up a full profile with photos, which gives users an idea of the person before initiating a conversation or moving on to the next possible connection.

Unique Ways to Connect

With so many similar sites and apps out there, it can seem like an endless sea of digital people to take a chance on. Because of this, there are more unique sites popping up that offer singles a chance to try something different.

Sites like ClicChat combine modern and traditional dating for a chance to check out interesting people in person, then potentially connect with them online. If members happen to see someone in person that they would like to connect with, they can offer a personalised card with access to their private online profile via a personal code. This gives singles a chance to see each other in person and learn more about them online before initiating a conversation.

Everyone deserves a chance at love, so get out there and see who you can connect with!