Tips for Dating During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a magical time filled with twinkling lights, delicious foods and the chance for love. It can also be a hectic time of year filled with bustling streets, busy schedules and lots of gatherings that leave little time to focus on your love life.

This time of year can be a bit tricky in the dating world, especially if you have just started dating someone and the relationship is new. There may be some awkward situations that pop up where you will feel uncertain how to handle it.

To help you navigate through the holidays, we’ve put together some tips that will have you on the road to love with fewer bumps along the way.

Get Out There

Many people wonder if trying to find a date during the holidays is even worth it, but they are a great time to get out and socialize with other singles who want to make a connection with someone new. Instead of skipping parties to avoid potentially awkward conversations about having a significant other, make it a goal to dress up, feel great and have a good time.

Just remember, you are not the only single person out there. There are lots of singles who are looking to make a connection but might also be hesitant during this busy period. Even if things get hectic with schedules and events, make sure to take a moment to enjoy the season and meet new people along the way.

Gift Giving

If you are in a new relationship and haven’t quite established where you both stand, the idea of giving a gift can feel a bit stressful. Do you give them a gift? What should you get? How will they react?

When a relationship status is uncertain, a small gift will show you were thinking of them and can be a great time to think back to a fun or funny moment you shared together. There really is no pressure to get something amazing when you have only gone out a few times. A little token is sweet without suggesting anything serious.

Make sure to avoid gifts that send a big message, especially when you’re not sure if you are both on the same page. Avoid very expensive, elaborate or suggestive items, as they often raise a big flag and may make things awkward.

Party Invitations

Work functions and get-togethers with friends are often great times to meet new people or introduce someone new in your life. Depending on where you are in a relationship, inviting them to a party with you can feel like a pretty big step.

Bringing a significant other to a casual get-together is a good chance to let them see you in a comfortable setting and meet some of the people you may have mentioned in conversation. Your friends will also help lighten the mood by creating a fun atmosphere.

Work functions can be a fun chance to learn something new about a person, but just keep in mind that clothing and actions should still be more professional. Although companies tell you to let loose, keep in mind that the party will have all your colleagues and bosses around. Super sexy outfits and making out in front of everyone may come back to haunt you like the ghost of Christmas past.

Family Gatherings

The big question that may cross your mind would be inviting a date to a family event. This may feel like a very big step in a relationship since family introductions often mean something serious. Only invite a significant other if you are planning to be with them more long term. If you are seeing someone casually for a little spice in your life, introducing them to the family may be awkward and send mixed messages to everyone.

No matter what comes up this holiday season, just make sure to keep it light and enjoy the moment. Add a little sparkle in your life and get out there and have fun!