Top 10 Rom-Com Christmas Movies for the Holidays

Whether you’re single or dating, there’s nothing like watching a romantic comedy to really feel the warmth of Christmas. Cuddling up to someone or wrapping up in your favourite soft blanket, the holidays are the perfect time to add a spark of romance in your life and inspire you to get out there to find love.

To get your holidays off to a great start, why not take some time to unwind and watch one of the top voted rom-coms for Christmas? They’re also a great excuse to spend quality time with someone special.

Love Actually

A movie filled with powerhouse actors, the interwoven connections between different people show how a raw emotion like love can come across in so many ways. The movie’s most famous scene where Mark tells Juliet how he really feels is one of sweet sincerity and definitely a topic of conversation afterwards.

The Holiday

Everyone’s been there, feeling stuck in a situation where you just wish you can disappear somewhere else. This is exactly what Amanda and Iris do to escape their relationship issues back home. After swapping their un-love stories, they decide to swap lives as a break from reality, only to find love in a place they least expected.

You've Got Mail

A sweet story of love between two people who found one another online. The story shows you how different people can seem both online and offline. Keeping your eyes open to opportunities and opening up to new beginnings is what love is all about.

Four Christmases

Everyone has a crazy family in one way or another and sometimes the holidays are the perfect time to really experience life as it always was. This is exactly what Brad and Kate experience over Christmas while they decided where their relationship goes next.

While You Were Sleeping

A unique romance storyline that gives everyone hope that true love is out there, as long as you keep your eyes open to it. Lucy thought she knew what she wanted until someone came along to turn her life upside-down. A great movie that shows relationships with new love and family togetherness.


There are lots of people who truly believe in fate and this movie is all about that. That sense of magic and fantasy coming true is all over this winter movie set in The Big Apple. Made for those who are hopeless romantics, the story shows you that love has no time limit,


A seasonal classic since its release, Buddy the Elf learns all about family and love. The story spans from the North Pole to NYC and builds on unlikely bonds between strangers in a warm family friendly rom-com that anyone would love.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Life as a single thirty-something woman looking for love, the story follows Bridgit through her family events, troubled work life and a love triangle unlike any other. The friendship and romance in this movie would give anyone a warm fuzzy feeling in the end.

12 Dates of Christmas

No matter how sure you might be of a life plan, life might have a different storyline in place. That’s exactly what Kate learns the hard way as she tries to stick to her ultimate love plan, while a spanner by the name of Miles changes everything she thought she wanted.

The Family Stone

Spending time with family over the holidays can be an amazingly warm experience or a hectic mess that puts relationships to the test. This is exactly what Everett and Meredith learn from a Christmas gathering that has a great mix of warmth, comedy and charm.