5 Common Dating Faux Pas to Avoid

No matter how many dates we may have been on or how light and breezy we try to be, there are several common dating mistakes that anyone can make. Sometimes it might seem we have hit a string of bad dates or that “they” are the problem but take a moment to look at some of the most common dating faux pas, so you can avoid them on your next date.

Coming On Too Strong

We get it, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve found someone you really connect with or the sexual chemistry is crazy, but one of the biggest dating mistakes you can make is to come on too strong from the beginning. Pushing for an invite to their place or trying to force them to head over to yours is a sure-fire way to scare them off.

Being Unclear About What You Want

Some people want a long-term relationships and others are looking for casual fun. Although you may know exactly what you are looking for, you may not communicate that to the other person. This could be out of fear of scaring them off, or maybe you think they will eventually want the same in the end.

Clear communication from the beginning to help keep both of you on the same page and avoid a lot of messy situations that will eventually come up. Always be true to yourself and to anyone you go out with.

Confusing Physical Connection with Emotional Connection

A common issue that many people face is confusing sexual attraction with a genuine connection. Sometimes people can be totally compatible physically, but there is just not enough of a connection on a personal level to sustain a long-term relationship.

Often times, attraction makes us blind to lots of things that we don’t want in a partner. Make sure to take a step back to see the bigger picture and be honest with which qualities you really want in a partner.

Pushing Relationships Expectations

We may have a particular timeline for how a relationship should progress, but not everyone will have the same timeline as you. Pushing a date for intimacy and commitment sooner than they are ready for is the fastest way to scare them off for good.

Know what you want in your relationship and ask them what they ultimately want as well. It’s a naturally way to figure out how your expectations line up without trying to force anything before it should happen.

Showing Your Baggage

Taking the conversations hostage and airing out your baggage is one of the top dating mistakes that are made time and time again. Talking about yourself is a great way to let your date learn a lot about you, but just make sure to give them some time to talk about themselves as well.

Also, make sure to avoid ever talking about an ex, especially on a first date. Not only will this give them the impression that you have a lot of baggage left from past relationships, but they could also wonder if you are even ready for a new relationship.