Why ClicChat is Revolutionary in the Modern Dating World

In a time when meeting someone new is normally done through online dating sites or dating apps, it often feels like the personal touch of talking to someone in person is missing. In an effort to combine the convenience of dating online with the social connection of meeting someone in person, something was needed to bring it all together.

Enter ClicChat.

There is no longer a need to scroll through endless dating profiles and missing out on living your best life. All you need is a set of personal ClicChat cards on hand, ready to hand out to anyone you would like to make a connection with.

Whether you’re out shopping, at a party, running errands or enjoying the outdoors, you could notice someone interesting at any time, but may not always be able to strike up a conversation. Alternatively, you may get a lot of attention for dates, but they may not always be what you’re looking for.

The ClicChat cards are a casual approach to making a connection with anyone you choose. They are a subtle note to show your interest and puts the ball into their court if they would like to know more about you.

You Have Control

Unlike other dating sites and apps, you have total control over who can view your profile. ClicChat card codes are unique to your personal profile and only people who have received your card can access any information about you. You no longer have to worry about who out there is reading up on you and looking through your photos.

The site offers a quick and easy way to craft your perfect profile, where you are free to talk about anything you would like to share with others. Since all profiles are private and there is no way for anyone to look you up without a unique code, you can rest assured your information is always safe.

Once you have made a connection on the site through a card that was handed out, you are then free to choose if you want to pursue something with the other person. Feel free to start a chat, plan a meet up or change your mind and move on to someone else.

Refreshing Dating Concept

The concept of ClicChat is not only different from traditional dating, but also from modern digital interactions as well. It can be easy to lose sight of what you really want, especially when there are thousands of profiles available at the tips of your fingers. Each one easily fades away into the others.

Approaching someone you find attractive and giving them a simple card is a refreshing way to make a connection. Not only is this out of the norm, but also very flattering. There is no need for cringe-worthy pick-up lines, uncomfortable first meets with someone you have only seen online, or awkward blind dates that friends or family have set up. ClicChat keeps everything light and breezy.