A Beginner’s Guide - How to Use ClicChat

There are thousands of dating sites and apps out there that are all structured in pretty much the same way, needing lots of requirements and constant attention to keep up with who’s out there and what’s going on with your profile.

The beauty of ClicChat is that you set up your profile once and only update when you feel like it. You no longer have to waste time scrolling through endless profiles but instead, get a chance to go out there and live your best life.

If you are new to the ClicChat community and want to know where to begin, here’s a quick rundown on how to get started and how you can make the most out of the site.

Sign Up in Seconds

Becoming a member is quick and only takes a couple of seconds. To join the site, all you need is to add your name and email address. Once you submit the short form, you will get an introductory email giving you details about the site and your membership.

Fill Out Your Profile

You get 1600 characters to create your profile. This is your chance to provide anything that you would like others to know about you. Although the page will always be private, anyone who receives a ClicChat card from you will be able to see the profile on the site.

Make sure to include honest information about who you are, your passions, interests and even future plans. The best profiles will highlight your personality and positive aspects of your life. Instead of using clichés like “I like long walks on the beach…” mix things up and give them a snapshot of the real you.

Also, it cannot be stressed enough that you should always double-check your spelling and grammar. Consider your dating profile like a CV. Most people will immediately disregard someone who seems too lazy to proofread their profile.

Add Photos to Your Gallery

The next step is to fill your photo gallery. You are given space for 12 regular photos and 1 main profile photo. First impressions are always important, even if you have already had a brief encounter in person. Once someone makes the effort to key in your unique profile code, they should be able to see photos of the real you.

Make sure to include plenty of relevant action photos that show everything you talked about in your profile. An endless collection of static headshots is dull and counteract all the fun interesting things that were just mentioned by you.

As for your main photo, try to keep it as close to how you normally look. Over processed photos or anything that clearly has a photo filter will often make them wonder what you are trying to hide. The same goes with photos where you have sunglasses on, large hats or objects that seem to hide your face and body.

Order Your Cards

Be prepared for chance encounters or noticing someone interesting when you least expect it. Rather than miss an opportunity to click with them, have your cards ready in a convenient place. Lots of members say they keep a few cards in their purse, gym bag, and car. You never know when someone might catch your eye, so at least have a card ready on hand for when you may need it.