Tips to Help You Avoid a Bad Date

The thrill of dating and meeting new people is an invigorating mix of excitement and anxiousness. Those first moments when you first get together and the light conversation to get to know one another often get you on a happiness high that should last the night.

To help you have great dates and avoid disappointment, here are a few key tips to help you avoid common bad date pitfalls that lots of people fall into.

Get to Know Them Online First

If you meet someone in person that you'd like to connect with, use ClicChat to take the conversation online. Get to know them without the pressure of awkward first dates or sharing your private contact information. It doesn’t mean that you have to communicate online for months or even weeks, but you can learn a lot about someone’s personality through chats and messages.

Online interaction will give you some insight into the person they are. As a general rule, if they are not interesting to you through chats, they will probably not interest you in real life either.

The same goes for sharing photos. Viewing someone’s gallery is great, but people will almost always curate their photos with the best and most flattering. Try to share random photos with each other in different settings to see what their interests are and if their current photos match their gallery.

Plan for a Comfortable Date

Dinner and drinks at a crowded restaurant or dancing at clubs are fun with friends, but the first couple of dates should be casual and quiet enough so you can both easily talk and be heard. Choose a relaxed atmosphere where you can have some fun, enjoy some good food and drinks, but also chat comfortably without yelling or straining to hear them.

The venue and atmosphere of your first date will affect not just your mood but their mood as well. If you or both of you are feeling exposed or uncomfortable, then you will only focus on negatives instead of enjoying each other’s company.

Trust Your Gut

When you meet someone and get a spark, you tend to feel light flutters in your stomach, and when something just doesn’t feel right, you get a sinking feeling that something is wrong. Always trust your gut feeling in a situation, like a date.

Sure, you can definitely give people the benefit of the doubt, but if that feeling persists, it’s actually okay to tell them that the date is not working out. Rather than stay uncomfortable and possibly lead them on (or getting into a situation that will be more uncomfortable), just politely thank them for meeting and wish them well.

Dating in the modern world is very different to a few decades ago, we now have endless opportunities to meet people online and offline, but the one thing that remains the same is getting to know someone in a fun casual way. We just have the upper hand to learn about people safely online before choosing to go out from the beginning