How to Make a Long-Term Relationship Work

Most people in the dating world would love to meet someone who they can happily stay in a long-term relationship, but often come across pitfalls that could end in a break-up. To build on a strong and lasting relationship, there are five key tips that everyone should consider:

Communication is Key

This may sound cliché, but communication really is key to a strong relationship. Staying silent when something bothers you or giving your partner the silent treatment when you are upset will only create a cold or hostile environment.

Communicating with your partner is important at all stages of a relationship and keeping conversations honest will build trust, understanding, and a stronger bond that will last for many years.

Understand You are Both Different People

The longer two people are together, the more they learn about how similar and different they can be. Understanding your differences and accepting the fact that you are both different people truly help build on a strong lasting relationship.

Accept and embrace differences to grow as individuals and together as a couple. Learn from one another and try to see things from their point of view when facing differences. You may be surprised to see things in a different light, and it may open you up to some new experiences that were never considered before.

Spend Time Together and Apart

As the proverb goes “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, which is true in any relationship. Spending some time apart will give you a chance to not only do things that you enjoy, make you feel more independent, and give you a chance to miss your partner.

Taking time for yourself and spending time away from your partner will help you rediscover some things that you may not have given time for and remember why you love your partner so much.


A strong relationship is all about equally giving and taking from one another. A couple who have everything one-sided is not sustainable, nor is it fair. Building a strong loving relationship is working through differences and needs and finding a happy middle ground that you can both accept.

Staying true to yourself and your needs is important, but when in a relationship, you now also have to consider the needs of another. Keeping a balance with compromise for big and small situations is what builds a strong bond between two people.

Keep Things Fresh

After the honeymoon phase, a long-term relationship will eventually become predictable and often feel boring. Keep the spark and interest alive by changing up schedules and making time for new experiences. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable routine and get lost in the day-to-day grind, but that will quickly make both of you lose interest as a couple.

Make time for dates, plan to learn something new together, explore places you haven’t seen before, and take the time to flirt and touch each other like you did when you first started to date. Add a spark in your daily schedule with an unexpected surprise or sweet compliment to show them you are still paying attention and have the same love like in the beginning.