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What do I do when I run out of ClicCards? / How do I order more?
Go to the menu and click on the CARDS section. Select your preferred ClicCard quantity and confirm your order. Your cards will be posted to your shipping address.

How do I know if someone has used one of my cards?
As soon as your potential connection enters your code number they will see part of your profile and be asked to enter their details if they wish to chat with you. As soon as they enter their details you will be notified by email that the person wants to chat.

How do I keep track of which card has been given to who?
Each Code in your Clics, that you receive when you sign up, has a section for Notes. In notes you can add a detail such as "the man on the bus” so that you know which person has that card/code.

How much do I have to pay for new cards?
As a new member of ClicChat, you are entitled to a Starter 5 Card Bundle for $15. Other card prices are as follows:

  • 5 cards = $25
  • 10 cards = $40
  • 20 cards = $60

What if I decide that I no longer want to chat to someone?
You can easily block any Clic at any time.

Is ClicChat private?
YES! ClicChat is as private as you want it to be. The only people that can see your profile are people you give a card to. There is no way to search for someone on the site. Even other subscribers do not know who else is on the site and can’t look for somebody.

How many people can I chat with at once?
As many as you like. If you have handed out multiple cards you can chat with any of them that has entered your code.

How will the person I give the card to know what to do next?
Each card you give give out has a note on it explaining that you would like to connect and has instructions how to do so.

Am I safe on ClicChat?
All of your information is safe and secure on ClicChat. When you decide to meet with someone however, make sure you tell a friend the details such as where you are meeting and at what time.

How do I unsubscribe from ClicChat?
Click on the Unsubscribe button in your account settings

Is there a limit to how many photos I can put on my profile?
You can add 1 profile photo and 12 gallery photos.