Meet the ClicChat girls

The founders of ClicChat, Carole and Kendra, are two mums in their 40’s living in the suburbs of Melbourne. Inspiration for the business came to Carole following years of frustration with dating sites, approaching her friend Kendra with the idea about two years ago.

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“I became so disillusioned with current dating sites, spending hours browsing and chatting endlessly with dozens of strangers. It usually led to nothing and nearly always left me feeling disappointed. It made me realise that I really missed a personal connection, the energy that you feel when someone catches your eye – in person – whether it’s when you’re out at night or at a sporting event or even at the supermarket or gym. That feeling simply cannot be replaced by a photo online. I was also uncomfortable with complete strangers being able to view my photos and profile on dating sites" Carole said.'

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Why is ClicChat different?

ClicChat is a unique way of dating where you no longer have to browse through profiles in the hopes of getting a match. You may see your ideal partner or someone you’d like to get to know in a bar, while walking your dog or even in the supermarket. Simply slip them a ClicChat card which has a unique code to access your own private profile. Then they will get to read about you and if they felt the spark too they will send you a message.

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